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Who Are We And What Are We Doing Here?

erika molly kiss colorPet sitters and dog walkers are not all created equally. Okay, scratch that. They’re human, so of course they’re created equally, but everyone chooses to run their business in different ways. So, who are we and what are we doing here? Below we’ll answer some questions about where we’re going with this whole pet sitting thing. Hint: We’re in it for the long run.

Hobby Pet Sitters/Dog Walkers

  • For the love and enjoyment they get from caring for other people’s pets: usually restricted to their neighborhood or local community, pet sitting for family and/or friends
  • For trade: they’ll watch your pets in trade for you watching theirs
  • Kids and teenagers: often their first paying “jobs” and very limited to only a few neighbors or nearby family members
  • Most are not bonded and insured

Many of the above type of pet sitters and dog walkers often do not carry any type of insurance and do not form actual businesses. All money is typically exchanged “under the table.” These sitters choose their own hours, often don’t work any holidays, and generally don’t take on extended pet sitting requests.

Professional Pet Care Providers

  • Form and register their business within their city and state
  • Owned/operated as a sole proprietor, partnership, or franchise
  • Some hire staff and grow to be a medium or large sized company, or some have a small staff and stay very small
  • Size of area where services are offers varies from one city only, to multi-city, multi-county, statewide, or nationwide
  • Most are bonded and insured, but not all

Aside from being legitimately recognized by the state and IRS as a real business, the biggest difference between professional pet providers are those that operate solo for the lifetime of their business compared to those that spread their wings and hire staff.

So, are you wondering yet where we fit in? Nah, you already know where we stand. We’re a fully, bonded, and insured pet sitting company operating as a partnership (Erika and Patrick) without staff. But guess what? The last part is changing.

We aim to grow our business by hiring a small (for now) staff — doing so will help us provide more availability for our current and prospective clients. It will also allow us to cover a slightly more broad area in terms of “territory” where we offer pet sitting, but since our area is already kind of large, we won’t be expanding too far anytime soon.

fall goldenSince we are preparing  to hire an employee or two, we are making gradual enhancements to our website in effort to streamline our process. Here are some of the changes you can expect to see from us soon (if not already):

  • Clients can log on via our website to their own personal profiles, where they can provide us with all the details that we’d normally collect prior to providing pet sitting services. This means that we will be paper free!
  • Clients will be able to pay for their pet sitting services via credit card, as well as have the option to securely store their credit card info on their profile for future payment of invoices.
  • Clients will have the ability to request pet sitting and/or dog walking services via our website when logged on.

We’ve touched on this already, but it’s important to us that you know that we are in it for the long haul. We are setting ourselves up to succeed by investing in a functional, efficient website and soon, a strong team of experienced pet sitting staff. We invite you to join and support us while we grow.  You and your pets will always be in great hands!

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