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TMI? No Such Thing When You’re A Montgomery County, MD, Dog Parent

Okay, so this post isn’t going to smell like roses… but that doesn’t mean the topic stinks! Let’s jump right in.

As you know, we pride ourselves on keeping our clients up to date while their pets are in our care. We send updates regarding our activities, whether or not their pet ate their food or not, and yep — their potty “status.”

Image courtesy of Earth Rated — our favorite, biodegradable dog waste bags!

Image courtesy of Earth Rated — our favorite, biodegradable dog waste bags!

We’re pet parents ourselves. We keep track of our dogs’ potty habits. If one of us leaves the house, we let the other person know when the last time our pups went outside, including when the last time they did their business. We can only presume that our clients, who are also awesome pet parents, do the same. Therefore, whether we just did a midday dog walk or are finishing up a two week stay, we let you know what your dog has done for the day.

When you roll in at 11PM, exhausted from travel, wouldn’t you like to know if your dog needs to do his business or not? You’ve had him under the care of a pet sitter for a reason…. you deserve to know where they left off!

If we walked your dog and you’ll be home later that day, you can bet we’ll let you know if they “went” or not. It’s just another thing we do for you and your peace of mind. :)

PS — if your dog’s potty habits ever become abnormal or if we detect a sign of illness, you’ll be the first to know!

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