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See You Next Year!

pet sitting dc perfect pair animal careWe hear from a lot of new and potential clients right before the holidays, often regarding trips that are scheduled after the holidays and well into the new year. We have a theory that it’s in part due to the dreary, drizzly, chilly weather that fall tends to bring. In addition to everyone making holiday plans, they often make plans to go visit somewhere “nice” in order to get a change of scenery from the gray Maryland and DC winters.

First, let us say, that we love hearing from you so far in advance! This is absolutely thrilling because when you plan your trip this way, your chances of us having availability for your reservation is the highest it can be. Nothing makes us happier than being able to tell you that we’re available for the dates you need us for :)

What we came to our blog to tell you about, however, is that often, we’ll ask you if it’s okay if we schedule our first meet and greet appointment after the holidays. As you’re well aware, our schedules explode (in a good way) before, during, and just slightly after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the turn of the New Year.

Please don’t think we are putting you off during this time. It’s not that we don’t want to meet you yet, it’s just that our schedules may not have much wiggle room. Think about your household, too. Are the holidays really the best time for you and/or for your dog or cat to meet someone new? You’re probably busy making your plans for the big day(s). You may have guests coming in and out. You may take day trips to see family members or go shopping. Your stress levels about all of the above may be running pretty high. Generally speaking, November and December probably isn’t the best time to have anyone new over if you can help it — especially when your travel dates are potentially months down the road.

If the reasons why you wanted us to come over for a meet and greet sooner as opposed to later is because you’re interviewing pet sitters and you want to meet them before deciding on which company to choose, then we are still going to ask you if our meeting can wait until January. We’d be happy to arrange a meeting via Skype if/when possible and we always are happy to explain our services and answer any questions via email. If those are not options you’d consider, we understand, but you may have to move on in order to make your selection.

Over the years, we’ve also encountered some really unpredictable weather surrounding the fall/winter holidays. If your travel dates aren’t right around the corner, then why even put yourself through the hassle of potentially having to reschedule our very first meeting because of lousy weather? We really just don’t even need to have that worry on our minds — and by “we,” we mean you, too!

In closing, we sincerely thank you for understanding the reasons behind why we may have scheduled our first meet and greet one or two months out. Again, it’s not because we don’t want to meet you yet. It’s just because it makes the most sense for all of us (pets included!) to wait until things slow down and return to normal after the holidays. If it weren’t for the best, we wouldn’t be doing it. So, see you next year! We’re already looking forward to it.


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