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New Year, New Addition: Say Hi To LeashTime

dog-using-keyboard1Go go gadget, LeashTime!

The way we store and organize your information probably rarely crosses your mind. You give us all of the important things that we should know via email, phone conversations, meet and greet consultations, and written on the notes you leave for us on your counter. Prior to now, we’ve always saved your emails and hung on to the notes you’ve provided and we reference them as needed. After pet sitting for you a couple times or more, mostly everything is committed to our memories. This is how we’ve been doing things since we opened our proverbial doors in 2011.

Now that we’re in January of 2014, it’s time for some upgrades — enhancements, if you will! Since we are steadily growing our client base and since we plan to hire a small staff, we’ve decided that it’s time to centralize and digitalize the information pertinent to our jobs of taking care of your pets.

We wanted to let you know that we’ve adopted a sweet and nifty system called LeashTime and we’ve given it a home right on the front page of our website. Now you can say goodbye to signing paperwork and remembering to write notes with important details and you can say hello building to your own, personal profile that you can access easily from our website. Say hi to LeashTime. :)

With LeashTime you can: 

      • Provide us with your name, address, and contact information
      • Store and update your emergency contact information in the event we’re unable to reach you in an emergency situation
      • Add and update the information for your pet’s veterinarian (which provides us with a  GPS map and one-click directions to their office)
      • Set your payment preferences, update them as needed, and easily pay your invoices straight from your email — your payment info is kept private and is not displayed to us
      • Add notes about your house, such as “make sure front door clicks when you shut it,” and “sometimes deliveries are left at the side door, so please be sure to check both doors for any packages.”
      • Upload a picture of and provide all information pertaining to your pets, such as: their name, breed, age, personality, favorite toys, games, meal schedules, and medication details
      • View and edit your upcoming reservations

By  transitioning to a user friendly, online system, the important details we need in order to provide outstanding care for your pets will only ever be a click away. We can access it anywhere — whether from the office or on the road, and you can also access your profile from where ever you are.

This move is a natural step we’re taking to continue to enhance and improve your experience as your trusted pet sitters. We’re high-tech and proud of it!


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