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About Us


Erika Hunter

Owner, Professional Pet Sitter, Dog Walker

Known as “the pet guru” among her peers, Erika is quick to help anyone that comes to her with animal questions or dilemmas. She specializes in befriending and gaining the trust of dogs that are generally very nervous about meeting strangers. Cats take to her like peanut butter takes to jelly. Another huge passion of hers is photography and in her spare time, she can be found organizing the hundreds of photos (of cats, dogs, and flowers) that she takes on a monthly basis. The dogs she cares for want you to know that she has interned and apprenticed for Pat Miller, and is an Canine Behavior and Training Academy graduate.

Patrick Hunter

Patrick Hunter

Owner, Professional Pet Sitter, Technology Wizard

Patrick never ceases to amaze pet parents with his seemingly effortless ability to win the love of the cautious canines and felines in his care. He is PPAC’s very own Tech Wizard and constantly ensures that we are always equipped with the best technology there is. If you ever receive an email from your dog, it isn’t just us trying to be cute — it really is your dog. He’s talented like that. Patrick is also crowned “King of Cats” in his household. In his off hours, he can usually be found underneath his purring pile of cats while reading a good book.