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Hey, DC! It’s National Train Your Dog Month!

puppy pet sitting dc dog walking Should we rename January to Trainuary?! Alright, not sure about that one, we may have to run it by our colleagues. Haha!

National Train Your Dog Month was started in 2010 by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). The purpose is to draw attention to training and socializing dogs and it’s no mistake that it takes place in January. They chose to celebrate in January because of how many dogs join families during the holidays. It makes a lot of sense, really: starting off the new year with a celebration that spotlights the importance of training, socializing, bonding, and in general spending time with our dogs. The more time we invest in them now, the stronger the likelihood that the pups will end up in a shelter later.

With that said, we are taking a different spin on National Train Your Dog Month — we’re using this as an opportunity to acknowledge and thank all of the dog trainers out there that have dedicated their careers (and lives, really) to improving the lives of the dogs and their human counterparts in our communities. Specifically, we want to show our appreciation for the trainers right here in the Montgomery County, MD, and Washington, DC, metropolitan area.

We work very closely with many of the professional, positive dog trainers in MD, DC, and VA, and would like to give some shout outs.. so without further ado..

Thank you so much for everything that you do for the dogs in our community:

Kelly Spring with Spring Training based in Arlington, VA
Jeni Grant with Train Your Best Friend of Montgomery County, MD
Penelope Brown with Phi Beta K-9 School For Dogs in Washington, DC
Hedda Garland with School of Dogs in Washington, DC
Katalin Kerekes with Special Paws of Montgomery County, MD
Kim Yocklin with Canine Character in Frederick, MD
Jill Freifeld with Happy Hound Club in Kensington, MD
Lisa Arant with Small and Tall Dog Training in Rockville, MD
Meghan Burton with Canine Lifestyle Academy in Sykesville, MD
Beth Mullen with Dog Latin Dog Training in Montgomery County, MD
Leslie Clifton with Dog Kingdom Pets in Elkton, MD
Laurie Luck with Smart Dog University in Frederick, MD
Sarah Stoycos with Laughing Dog Academy in Rockville, MD

We are so fortunate to have so many awesome dog behavior professionals right here in our neck of the woods.

We would recommend any of the trainers listed above without hesitation if one of our clients (or anyone we know, for that matter) found themselves looking for one.

“But aren’t trainers just for dogs that bite and are completely out of control?”

No way! But honestly that’s an answer for an entirely different blog post. While the majority of pros listed above do assist pet parents with severe behavior cases on a daily basis, we didn’t want to leave you empty handed. Below is a brief description just some of the services the trainers above offer.

Types Of Group Classes And/Or Private Training:

      • Puppy Socialization (also known as puppy party and puppy kindergarden)
      • Polite Greetings (how to say hi when a guest comes into your home or greeting on leash)
      • All Four On The Floor (aka teaching you how to teach your dog not to jump up so much)
      • Quiet, Please (teaching your dog to be less barky in different situations)
      • Don’t Be Scared (addressing your dog’s fear, whether it’s thunderstorms, fireworks, or fear of other dogs, adults, or children)
      • Relaxation (for your dog, that is… but when your dog is relaxed, I bet you are, too!)
      • Isolation Distress/Separation Anxiety (teaching you how to help your dog be comfortable when you aren’t home)
      • Doggy Freestyle (dancing with your dog)
      • Nosework (where you engage your dog’s brain by activating his sniffer)

and last but not least….

      • Tricks!

We’re all big team — pet sitters, dog walkers, groomers, veterinarians, positive dog trainers and behaviorists — at least we like to think so, anyway. We think that dog trainers don’t get nearly the credit they deserve considering the hard work they put in. So, since it’s National Train Your Dog Month, we really wanted to show our trainers some love…. especially since, in their worlds, every day, week, and month, is dedicated to training our loving, four-legged best friends.

Thanks again for everything you do, dog trainers! We’re huge fans!
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  1. We agree! Thank you, positive trainers!!! We appreciate your hard work :)

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