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Bad Weather Around The Holidays

It’s Tuesday morning, just two days before Thanksgiving, and nearly every state in the US is under a Winter Weather Advisory. It is said that over 43 million Americans plan to travel on or around Thanksgiving this year.

Pop Quiz! Raise your hand if…

Pet Sitting Holiday Travel

  • You remember to check the weather while you’re busy finishing up work, packing, and getting your family ready to take a trip during the busiest holiday of the year?
  • You are at your vacation destination and you remember to check the weather between where you are and where you’ll be flying home to once your trip has concluded?

Chances are the that the weather hasn’t even crossed your mind. It’s fine where you are! But what about where you’re going? And all areas in between?

As your trusted pet sitters, it is our duty to remind you to stay on top of the weather — not just where you are, but also where you’re going — so that there aren’t any surprises when you get to the airport.

Here’s what you need to know and what you should do:
  • If Flying: check your flight status. Start watching it several days before you depart, regardless if you are leaving or coming home. When there is bad weather around the holidays, airlines are beginning to cancel flights EARLY in attempt to prevent travelers from getting stuck in airports.
  • If driving: check your route. Will weather interfere with how you plan to get from point A to point B?
  • Notify your pet care professionals if there are any changes to your plans ASAP

Below is a snippet from an email we sent to each of our clients this morning regarding their Turkey Day travel plans:

“It looks like the weather all over the country is either declining fast or is predicted to between today and Thursday. Some flights are already being cancelled in advance and it’s getting hectic out there! 

 I just wanted to say that I’m not sure if you’re flying or driving, but if you’re flying, it wouldn’t hurt to keep an eye on your flight status between now and then to ensure there are no changes there. If you’re driving, just check to see if your route will be impacted — I’m sure you’re already doing all of these things, but we’re making a point to touch base with everyone individually in case they’re busy and haven’t thought of it. :)  
We’re keeping an eye on everything for all of our clients that we’re pet sitting for and want to make sure we can accommodate any weather-driven emergency schedule changes. “
In Summary:
  • Be informed about anything that could change your plans
  • Work with your professional pet care providers to develop a plan B
  • Don’t make permanent changes to your plans until you have confirmed that your animal caretakers can accommodate those changes

We want you to have the best holiday season ever — that’s why we’re here! By working together, we can guarantee the best experience for everyone involved.

Photo: Don’t get caught snoozing before you trip. Be prepared so your DC area pet sitters can be there for you! 

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